1. Where can I find Ozora Skincare Store?

We love connecting with you! You can purchase our products through our Official Website at However, you can make an educated guessor call our Official Agent/Distributor that has already registered in our website.

2. How to order Ozora Skincare product from website?

You can follow the guide through However, you can make an educated guess You can use computer, laptop, or smartphone to access our website.

3. Is it necessary to get consultation before using Ozora Skincare product?

It’s recommended to know your skin type before using certain product. However, you may get a consultation with our official agent before ordering the product,we will give you the best suggestion of the product to be used that suit your skin type.

4. How do I find out the authenticity of Ozora Skincare product?

You will get the original Ozora Skincare product if you purchase through our official website, www.ozoraskincare.com, or from our official agent that registered in our website.

5. How do I know if a product is right for me?

Sometimes, there is no way to tell for sure unless you try it. However, you can make an educated guessby examining the ingredient list. To increase the chance that products won’t irritate your skin, seek out those that are fragrance-free, contain little or no alcohol, and are labeled “FOR ALL SKIN TYPES”

6. What kind of products should I use as a beginner?

Semua produk Ozora Skincare dapat digunakan sesuai kebutuhan kulit masing masing.

7. Can Ozora Skincare whiten my skin?

Ozora Skincare product can help to brigthen your skin, but not whiten instantly.

8. Does Ozora Skincare suitable for sensitive skin?

Ozora Skincare is for all skin types, including for those who has hyper sensitive skin.

9. How can I join Ozora Skincare Official Agent/Distributor?

You can contact our Customer Service at +62 812 2961 1216 or you can email your inquiry to [email protected]

10. Can I use other skincare products combine with Ozora?

Ozora Skincare can be used with any other skincare because it contains natural ingredients and it is safe. However, its preferably we suggested to use Ozora Skincare full products.

11. Can I use other make up products with Ozora Skincare?

Ozora Skincare can be used as a base before your make up

12. How does the refund policy work?

If you receive damage product (i.e discoloration of the product)- Please visit our website for Return Policy.

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