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Terms of Return

Here are some things that must be considered when returning product:

  1. The product received is damage
  2. The product received does not match the order

You can contact our customer service at [email protected] for the next process, namely filling out data and several forms.

The items returned must be in their intact condition. Please note that orders made through the website cannot be canceled. We do not serve refunds.

Return of Goods Procedure

First, you must send an email to our customer within a maximum period of 10 days after you receive the product. In the email, you can explain the detailed information and reasons you want to return. You can wait for an email from us to confirm whether your return request has been accepted or not. Via this email reply you will be asked to fill out a form as a procedure for the return process if your request is accepted.

Second, if you receive approval for returning goods, you can send back the items you want to exchange together with the form that has been filled in. Without this form, product returns or exchanges cannot be processed.

After receiving the return approval email, we give 10 days after the email is received to make delivery of the product to be returned. If shipping outside the province, we will provide a Credit Coupon for purchasing Ozora Skincare products (Coupons can’t be cashed)

Return Cost of Goods

If you return a product, the cost of shipping the goods back will be covered by Ozora Skincare. However, the cost of shipping replacement items will be costed to the customer.

Estimated Time for Product Returns

The estimated product return time depends on:

  1. The proper communication between you and our customer service
  2. Selection of expedition for delivery of goods

**) An exception will be applied if product damage is caused by an error in delivery. 

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